What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

Ford AdvanceTrac

What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

Once the winter season sets in, the roads become extra slippery from the accumulation of ice and driving on such slippery surfaces is a herculean task. A slight loss of control can make you lose complete balance over your vehicle.

The Ford AdvanceTrac is a technology that was built to navigate through the harshest road conditions. It is an electronic stability system that helps the driver navigate through tough terrains like ice, snow, gravel, and dry pavement. The AdvanceTrac is designed to enhance stability and traction in your Ford vehicle. The increase in friction will boost its stopping capacity, making it much safer to drive on slippery terrains.

How does it work?
The technology brings to action the work of tiny gyroscopic sensors that take a reading of your vehicle about 150 times per second. From these readings, if any oversteering, understeering, or wheel slippage is detected, the technology will induce the appropriate amount of brake pressure to stabilize the vehicle. The pressure is applied to one or more wheels and will significantly slow down the engine power to keep the driver on the intended path.

AdvanceTrac technology does not require activation. As it is already installed in your car, it detects even the most minute readings of the vehicle’s movement. In difficult weather conditions, visibility is radically impaired, causing the driver to lose focus on the path. The AdvanceTrac technology acknowledges even the slightest instability and reverts your car to use the apt power. All this happens before you even think of manually applying the brakes. The cars that have been equipped with the AdvanceTrac technology feature some additional merits.

• Trailer Sway Control helps the vehicle give stability and support to the trailers that are in tow.
• The Traction Control and Intelligent 4 Wheel Drive technology pay extra attention to slippery surfaces and adjust the powertrain and braking systems to avoid sliding off during acceleration.
• The Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control help the car utilize the right torque during ascent and descent.

AdvanceTrac technology is a game-changer in the areas of safety and driver assistance. These features are sure to come in handy for every driver to experience stress-free rides on harsh terrains. You can now find cars equipped with the Ford AdvanceTrac in Goldsboro, North Carolina too.

Source: Ford