The New 2020 Ford Explorer is Here!

2020 Ford Explorer

The New 2020 Ford Explorer is Here!

The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer in Goldsboro is here and is packed with some irresistible features. It is common knowledge that the Ford Explorer is one vehicle that has performed exceedingly well in the market ever since its launch in 1991. The car has emerged as a reigning favorite in the family-oriented, four-door sports utility vehicle department, and it is undoubtedly here to stay.

All new features
The stand-out feature of the all-new 2020 Ford explorer is its driver-assist technology. The engine is now built to power the rear-wheels and provide maximum stability and control for the driver.

The RWD technology is also apt for increasing the towing prowess of the vehicle. The car also has an all-wheel-drive variant that shifts power to each of the wheels depending on the difficulty in terrain.

Enhanced Driver Control
The car is now equipped with a 10-speed automatic gear with a smart shifting feature. With a longer wheelbase and enhanced weight distribution, the drive comfort is truly unmatched. In the drive mode, the car switches between terrains of snow, sand, trail, and an additional hill-descent feature. These traction control improvements are made on the throttle pedal to prevent any tire slippage. On clear and dry roads, the rear-wheel-drive technology works wonderfully to propel the car forward. The independent suspension in the wheels makes the ride extremely smooth even on tough terrains.

The interiors of the car have been bumped up to include a seventh passenger. The 2020 Ford Explorer is very spacious and also features a panoramic sunroof. The slide and recline features on the seats are smooth and designed to provide maximum comfort to both the driver and passengers. The vehicle is also very comfortable with regards to knick-knack storage and passenger seat facilities. The back seat comes with a wireless phone charging pad with easy accessibility. The storage facility can also be increased by inclining the rear seats to the desired angle.

All in all, the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer, with its unibody construction and enhanced driver assistance, has proven itself once again. Go ahead and book the new 2020 Ford Explorer in Goldsboro for the best family-friendly drive and off-roading experience.

Source: Ford