Ford Green Fuel Choices

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Ford Green Fuel Choices

Ford has always placed environmentally conscious choices at the top of its business equity. Currently, the world’s most popular fuel choices are gasoline and diesel, both of which are notorious for producing emissions that are harmful for the environment. Moreover, these fuel choices are quickly depleting, which means that their prices are set to rise with each passing year. In such times, it is all the more purposeful to explore and develop alternative fuel sources, so as to benefit the planet and also incorporate sustainability in all our choices.

What is Ford Advanced Fuel?
Ford Advanced fuel refers to a range of fuel types that act as the perfect alternatives to traditional fuel choices. The advantages of choosing Ford Advanced Fuel include –
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Reduced dependence on foreign oil
• Government incentives
• Fewer emissions
• Sustainable choice

What are the different green fuel choices?
• Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Compressed Natural Gas is a substitute for fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. CNG is prepared by compressing natural gas, mainly composed of methane. The advantage of CNG is that it is a highly clean-burning fuel that has much fewer emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitric oxide compared to gasoline and diesel. CNG is also known to be much more cost-effective.

• Propane Autogas
Propane Autogas, also known as Liquified Propane Gas, is another alternative fuel choice that produces fewer emissions. Propane Autogas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, most commonly butane and propane. The primary advantage of choosing Propane Gas is that power, acceleration, payload and cruise speed are almost unaffected as compared to gasoline. Interestingly, almost 90% of USA’s propane supply is prepared domestically, thereby reducing the country’s dependency on foreign oil.

• Biodiesel
Biodiesel refers to fuel that is prepared from natural sources like vegetable oil or animal fat-based diesel fuel. Typically, biodiesel is mixed with petrodiesel fuels and are retailed in the market. Biodiesel burns much cleaner than its traditional counterparts and accounts for reduced emissions.

• Flexible Fuel Vehicles
These Ford vehicles are designed to operate the internal combustion engine for fuel that is a mix of ethanol and gasoline. These blends are known to be clean-burning, and ethanol in particular can significantly reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions. With any of these fuel types, you can be sure to contribute much lesser emissions and favour sustainability in the long run.

Source: Ford