Ford Ranger's Smart Seatbelt Technology

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Ford Ranger's Smart Seatbelt Technology

Ford has a reputation for manufacturing cars that are well ahead of their time. The company's products come loaded with a range of safety, convenience, and infotainment features. One of the most iconic models in Ford’s lineup is the Ranger. Launched in 1958, the Ranger was discontinued in the U.S. and Canada. But last year, Ford revived the production of the Ranger. The Ranger has constantly featured in the list of top midsize pickups on the market. There are various reasons to bring a Ford Ranger in Goldsboro, NC home. And trust us when we say that every reason is better than the other.

The secret behind the Ranger’s superior towing capability is an efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. If you think that all pickups are ugly monsters that are just good for towing loads, you need to take a look at the Ranger. The car sports a rugged and adventurous look and is available in different color options. The one thing, however, that sets the Ford Ranger in Goldsboro, NC apart from the competition is its Smart Seatbelt technology. Every Ranger comes with Belt Monitor, an innovative safety tool that alerts the driver when it detects that a second-row passenger has unbuckled. The system also indicates which seat the passenger is in.

The system provides extra peace of mind for the driver. The knowledge that all their passengers are buckled up help them better focus on the road. Unlike other seat belt systems that alert the driver only when they pull up, Smart Seatbelt Technology sends a warning even when the vehicle is in motion, which makes perfect sense as unbuckling a seat belt can be most dangerous when the car is moving. Once the system flags the specific seat position of the passenger who unbuckled their seatbelt, you can remind them to buckle up. Belt Monitor is the first seat belt reminder system to be included in a Ford pickup truck.

Other smart safety features
Other advanced safety features include Ford Co-Pilot 360, a suite of safety features that include the Blind Spot Monitoring Information System and Lane-Keeping System. Other driver-assist features include Forward and Reverse Sensing System and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Source: Ford