What is Ford SYNC?, Buckle Up!

 Ford SYNC

What is Ford SYNC?, Buckle Up!

Ford is one of the most iconic car brands. Founded in 1903 by the legendary Henry Ford, the American car manufacturer has established several quality and manufacturing benchmarks in the automobile industry. From family cars to speed demons, Ford has ventured into almost every car segment. Ford models are known for their unique appeal, and every Ford car in Goldsboro, NC boasts an array of features. Ford is considered one of the most innovative American brands and is credited for introducing many in-vehicle technologies that are designed to help drivers enjoy safety and convenience. Ford Sync is one such technology.

Ford Sync: An overview
Ford Sync is an in-vehicle infotainment and communication system. Launched in 2007, Ford Sync helps you perform different tasks, such as replying to text messages and making calls, without taking your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. The system allows drivers to use voice commands to perform these and other tasks while driving. Currently in its third generation, Sync is offered on Ford and Lincoln cars. The first two generations of Sync utilized Windows Embedded Automotive operating system, while the latest version of Sync uses QNX OS by BlackBerry. To use this system, you must have a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

What can the Sync do? A look at some of its capabilities

Hands-free messaging and calling
With Ford Sync by your side, you do not have to take your eyes off the road to answer or read text messages or make calls. The system converts incoming text messages into audio and can even read them aloud. You can also instruct your system to make calls.

Important information at your fingertips
Traffic, Direction, and Infotainment services
Ford’s Traffic, Direction, and Infotainment app delivers important information related to sports, movie listings, and weather updates to your mobile device. Drivers can also use the app to get spoken directions and traffic updates.

Music player support
With Sync System by your side, manually browsing through music collections will be a thing of the past. The system allows users to use voice commands to view music collection by genre, artists, and song titles.

Source: Ford