2020 Ford Escape Safety Features

2020 Ford Escape Safety Features


The 2020 Ford Escape is being launched in the popular SUV segment. With the 2020 Escape, the manufacturer primarily targets bigger sized families with kids. It is imperative for family cars to be equipped with the best safety features in order to ensure the safety of every passenger seated inside.


Here’s a detailed look at the various safety features and standard driver assistance offerings of the model:


  1. Blind Spot Monitoring – When you are backing out of a parking space, blind-spot monitoring will help you identify other vehicles in the rear and sides to make the entire process more hassle-free.
  2. Rear cross-traffic alert – Another driver assistance that warns you when another car enters your backing path. A warning sound and flashes on the dashboard immediately warn the driver to stop.
  3. Curve Control – This is one of the latest additions to be incorporated into the newest fleet of Ford vehicles. It helps the driver handle road curves when their Edge is running at higher than recommended speeds.
  4. Lane keep assist – The lane assist system detects the vehicle’s position on the road and assists the driver to cruise within the requisite lane. The feature will gently steer your Ford back into the lane after initially displaying a warning for the driver.
  5. Driver drowsiness monitoring – Another capability that directly assists the driver. This feature pinpoints any signs of fatigue from the individual behind the wheel by examining steering wheel movements and facial expressions. When it detects drowsiness, there are sounds and warning lights displayed on the dashboard that attempt to grab the driver’s attention.
  6. MyKey – This is a new offering started on the latest fleet of all Ford cars. With it, when you lend your vehicle to another person, it lets you set limits pertinent to things like speed and audio volume.
  7. Adaptive Cruise Control – This is another innovation on the conventional cruise control feature of your Ford vehicle. It monitors the speed of the vehicle in front and manages the pace of your car accordingly while keeping a safe distance from the automobile ahead.


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Source: Ford