Ford Explorer vs Expedition

The 2020 Ford Explorer vs Expedition debate is a long-standing one. Both these vehicles are very reliable and are excellent SUV options. However, they do have a few differences that will help a discerning customer decide which vehicle is exactly suited for their taste and purposes. Here is a comparison between both of these excellent vehicles in a nutshell.


The Expedition is the only one that has a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine that delivers a whopping 400 HP and 480 pound-feet of torque, and when it is paired with the 10-speed 'selectshift' automatic transmission, it becomes a formidable powerful vehicle. The Explorer is nothing to be sneered at and though not commanding and powerful an engine as the one just mentioned, it does offer many more options than the Expedition, thus enhancing its utility for a range of activities. Moreover, the 2020 Explorer Hybrid is an excellent way to balance engine performance and mileage while being a little environment conscious.


Easily one of the more noticeable differences, the Explorer is smaller in size than the Expedition. This goes a long way in understanding the better fuel economy of the Explorer and the increased seating capacity of the Expedition. This size difference does not equally translate to a massive performance or power difference with the 2020 Ford Explorer ST Horsepower being just a little bit less than the Expedition, which is offset by its size difference.

Bottom Line 

If you want a vehicle that will regularly be using the third seat and will always be packing quite a few extra people in it, then the size of the Expedition justifies itself. If you need a personal vehicle to travel the road less traveled and to engage quite regularly in your need for adventure, then the Explorer is your best friend. Besides, the 2020 Ford Explorer towing capacity is nothing to be sneered at, and for the adventurous traveler, this will be the gamechanger that helps them decide. Overall, Ford explorer models come in a slightly larger range than Expedition models and are suitable for individuals with specific needs, while the Expedition is an all in one wonder. 

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Source: Ford