Ford Cares - How Ford Cares For the Community | Deacon Jones Ford

Ford Cares - How Ford Cares For the Community | Friendship Ford of Bristol

Ford is a company that we are pleased to stand behind here at Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro, NC. Their devotion to making the world a better place is a cause that not only is something that we admire about Ford but is a movement that is changing cities. Ford is a corporation that cares, and a company that you can count on, too. Stop by and shop the full Ford lineup today at Deacon Jones Ford. Here are a few approaches that Ford is practicing to give back to the community:

Ford Social Mobility Centers have done fantastic things for helping those in extreme hurricane situations in Puerto Rico, and their aid includes vehicles, supplies, and other services. They even initiated a second Ford Social Mobility Center in Bayamon, that equipped the locals and also extended health and educational assistance. They stated, ““As the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company, our mission at the Ford Fund is to strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better…” A Company that cares as Ford does is difficult to find. Consider supporting their humanitarian efforts by making your next car, truck, or SUV a Ford!

Ford recently opened up an Innovative Community Center in Detroit, Michigan, and invested $5 million to the development of the neighborhoods there. Ford is enthusiastic about the parts of the world that have been negatively influenced and are committed to changing the quality of life and assisting in as many ways as they can - and this is no different in Detroit. The center will focus particularly on education, job training, and additional business development. The first center in Detroit served more than 85,000 people! Ford is making a difference.

Ford is not only supporting those on American soil - Internationally, Ford is utilizing its platform for good. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, Ford started the Ford Driving Skills for Life for Her - which came just after the royal decree against women acquiring driver’s licenses. The program is providing women with driving skills and promoting the confidence they deserve behind the wheel. More than 250 students finished the program since they made their première at the Jeddah’s Effat University.

Ford is bound not only to a better land but a better world. Why not step alongside this company and become a happy Ford owner, knowing that the company is utilizing its global influence for the improvement of the planet. Stop by Friendship Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro, NC today and shop the entire Ford lineup! We are Ford people - will you join in?