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Ford Innovation

Ford Innovation - Then and Now | Deacon Jones Ford

Henry Ford - an innovative man that started the legacy of Ford that still continues today. Thanks to his innovative efforts over 100 years ago, Ford is able to carry on his legacy, offering top-notch quality vehicles, and striving everyday for perfection. We here at Deacon Jones Ford are thankful for men like Henry Ford, and for Ford today, as they are are company that we stand behind confidently and proudly. Let’s look at a few of the innovative efforts of Henry Ford, and in turn, some of the innovative efforts of Ford today as they carry the torch, lighting the way and setting the standard when it comes to automotive production.

1913 - the year that changed everything. Ford’s Model T was the hottest vehicle on the market, but with assembly taking 12 hours per car, and demands rising swiftly, Henry Ford had to come up with something that would be able to bridge the gap. Enter: the world’s first moving assembly line, launched by Henry Ford and his team at Highland Park assembly. Lined with workers and a rope pulling the chassis down the line, Henry Ford and his team were able to streamline the Model T production process, cutting down assembly time from 12 hours per car to 90 minutes. By 1927, a Model T was being made every 24 seconds, and the number of Model Ts sold reached 15 million, accounting for half of all the cars sold at the time. Not only was the assembly line a stroke of genius for meeting the demand for the vehicle, but by cutting down the assembly time, and reducing the number of steps to build the vehicle, costs were cut in half, making the car more affordable for all. But soon Henry ran into another problem: a high turnover rate.

1914 - the second brilliant idea from Henry Ford arose - the famous 5-Dollar Workday. Up until this point, the wages for a workday was $2.34, which created a high turnover rate, and workers that were not very passionate and dedicated. However, with the implementation of the 5-Dollar Workday, the result was a huge increase of satisfaction and loyalty amongst the workers. Not only did this create a better product in the long run, it also gave rise to a new Middle Class of citizens that, in turn, had more cash to be able to travel and chase the good ole’ American Dream. This implementation also gave birth to “The Great Migration” where workers from the South began traveling to the more industrialized Midwest. Henry Ford created a band of loyal employees that not only felt valued and appreciated, but also impacted America, and played a vital role in assisting Americans actualize the American Dream. Henry Ford knew that to be successful, one had to value and appreciate his employees, and this value is still cherished by Ford today.

So, how is Ford carrying on the legacy of Henry Ford’s innovative spirit? A few ways: Ford FreeForm Fabrication Technology (F3T), improving their 3D capabilities, and investing in robotic innovations. F3T is Ford’s technology designed to rapidly form sheet-metal parts for low-volume production use. This innovative strategy not only cuts cost, but speeds up delivery time for prototype stamping molds from between two and six months to within three business days. Through Ford’s expanded 3D printing capabilities, they are also able to make multiple copies of parts at one that also can be delivered in a matter of days versus months, as it was previously.

Finally, with Ford’s investment in robotic innovations, Ford is able to increase vehicle quality. For example - Ford’s “Dirt Detection System” - utilizing robotic vision to create a digital model of each finished assembly that can more closely analyze paint and surface imperfections in reference to a perfect model. This, in turn, has created a tremendous increase in final quality, and allows Ford workers on the assembly line to devote more time to deeper, more complex issues, giving you a better car - period. You see, Ford is still carrying the torch and lighting the way for innovative efforts from vehicle manufacturers, and we here at Deacon Jones Ford are proud to stand beside them. Stop by our showroom in Goldsboro, NC today and hop behind the wheel of any of Ford’s offerings and feel the superiority that a Ford can offer thanks to its innovative efforts.

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