Ford Remote Start System

Wouldn't it be great if you could start or stop your car's ignition from the comfort of your home or office? The Ford Remote Start System allows you to do exactly that from a distance of up to 300 ft away. So, if your car is parked on the driveway on a particularly hot day, you could just turn on the ignition and allow your car to be ready and at a comfortable temperature by the time you are ready to get in and drive.

The cold winter of Wilson or the hot summers in Greenville won't bother your daily commute, with the Ford Remote Start System, your car will be prepared for you so you can just hop on the driver’s seat and begin your journey!

How do you use the Ford Remote Start System?

Most cars from Ford come equipped with the ability to integrate with the Ford Remote Start System. If your car doesn't, then visit your nearest Ford dealership in Goldsboro, NC, to avail the benefits of the system for yourself.

The key to starting the Ford Remote Start System is in the key fob/transmitter for the service. If your vehicle comes with automatic climate control, it will start at the same time you give the Start command on your transmitter, and if it’s manual, it will run on the same settings that you applied the last time you were in the car.

To initiate the Ford Remote Start command:

  1. Press the Lock button once.
  2. Now press the Remote Start button (the button with 2x) twice.

The exterior lamps on your car will flash twice if the command is successful. If the command fails, the horn will sound once. Depending on the setting you set, the Start command will allow your car to run for either five, ten, or fifteen minutes. The maximum amount of time you can extend the Start function for is 35 minutes. To extend the time your car's ignition stays on, simply repeat the Ford Remote Start process another time. The additional time is added to the initial time period. So, if there were five minutes left from an initial command for ten minutes, the car's ignition would operate for fifteen minutes from when you gave the second command. To give a stop command, press the Lock button once after giving the Start command.

The Ford Remote Start system also incorporates safety features, such as ensuring the doors are locked, and the hood is down before you can even give the Start command. Enjoy all the benefits of remotely starting or stopping your car. Visit the Deacon Jones Ford dealership in Goldsboro, NC, to learn about the Ford Remote Start System today! This dealership is very close to the cities of Wilson, Benson, and Greenville.

Source: Pexels