How Ford Roadside Assistance Can Keep Your Family Safe

While driving, it is common to experience a flat tire, run out of fuel, need a jump start for your car's battery - alongside many other problems your car could run into. 

If you live in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and you own a Ford, then Ford Roadside Assistance can help you resolve your car's problem on the spot. If the technicians from Ford Roadside Assistance find that your vehicle will need to be towed, they will arrange facilities to tow your vehicle to one of the Ford dealerships in NC so the problem can be resolved there. 

What is Ford Roadside Assistance?

Ford Roadside Assistance includes specialized car servicing that is offered to all customers for a period of time/mileage when they purchase a new car from Ford. Either the first five years from the day the car was purchased or the first 60,000 miles it travels, entitles the customer to complimentary car servicing from Ford Roadside Assistance. 

The services offered by Ford Roadside Assistance are focused on customers who face issues with their car starting or working properly either when they are at home or while out and about. When the customer cannot reach one of the nearby Ford dealerships in NC, then Ford Roadside Assistance can step in to either resolve the problem at the customer’s location itself or at a professional location. 

What kind of services are offered by Ford Roadside Assistance?

If you have any issues with your car that adversely affect your ability to control and navigate your vehicle, then you should call Ford Roadside Assistance so help can reach you. These issues could range from needing a tire to be changed, in which case you should have a spare ready in your car, your vehicle could be immobilized, or your car's battery could need a jump start - for all these cases and more, contact Ford Roadside Assistance to get help. 

Ford Roadside Assistance provides the following services: 

  • Car towing 
  • Flat tire changing 
  • Fuel delivery 
  • Jump starting battery 
  • Assistance if locked outside vehicle

Anyone who lives in Goldsboro and has purchased a Ford from a dealership like Deacon Jones Ford will be able to make use of Ford Roadside Assistance until they pass five years from the date of manufacture, or reach 60,000 miles mileage. Ford Roadside Assistance is also available to people from Wilson, Benson, and Greenville if they purchased a Ford from a Ford dealership in Goldsboro, NC. 

Source: Ford