Ford Joins Efforts to Make Ventilators

Considering the present Coronavirus pandemic, Ford has decided to concentrate on manufacturing ventilators to assist the worldwide fight against Coronavirus. Ventilators are an important weapon in the fight against this virus. No wonder there is a spurt in demand for this equipment around the world. Looking at this demand, many auto companies have decided to use their shut down manufacturing plants and expertise to assist in the manufacture of ventilators. Adrian Price, the global vehicle engineering director at Ford, is supervising the company’s plans to manufacture ventilators in collaboration with General Electric’s healthcare division. Ford and GE will produce a ventilator technically known as the Model A-E ventilator, which operates on air pressure without electricity, and whose design is patented by Airon Corp. In addition, Ford and GE Healthcare are also making attempts to increase the production of a simplified ventilator based on a design from GE Healthcare. The specialty of Ventilators to be manufactured by Ford is that they will be simple, easily movable, easy to assemble, and suitable for use in the field in the fight against Corona.

Impressive Production Plans

Production of ventilators under the Ford and GE partnership will begin on April 20, and 50,000 ventilators are expected to be produced at a Michigan Factory in the next 100 days. Ford expects that their car manufacturing expertise will be helpful in ventilator production since car manufacturing also involves manufacturing hundreds of spare parts. Ford also hopes that its raw material supply chain will come in handy to increase production to 30,000 ventilators a month. Ford is training its workers on a war footing at their manufacturing unit outside Detroit to prepare new production lines for the manufacture of ventilators. The workers are dismantling a ventilator and 3-D scanning the 300 spare parts to learn to assemble ventilators quickly. The Michigan plant is being modified with various measures like self- screening, temperature screening, and separate workstations so that the employees working on the ventilators are protected from the virus. Ford truly believes in innovation with protection.

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Source: Ford