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The FordPass App - What is it? | Deacon Jones Ford

Ford is committed to furthering their excellence as a brand, and are also looking for ways constantly to improve your experience as a Ford owner, which is why they have pioneered the FordPass app. Now, the sky's the limit for what you can accomplish with your smartphone and your Ford. Through smart engineering, this app will take your experience to the next level - so if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, stop reading this blog, download the app, and then come back and read through the different features this app has to offer you.

The FordPass app makes parking a breeze. Spend less time aimlessly wandering for a parking spot, and even reaching for cash to pay for the spot. Not anymore! With the FordPass app, you’ll be able to find spots in select cities, reserve them, and even pay for them ahead of time! FordPass has your back - so create an account now and get started!

Experience being connected to your vehicle like never before! Now with the FordPass app, users will have the luxury of a remote start and stop, and remote locking and unlocking which comes in handy on those frigid days, or if you know your hands will be full when you get to your car! Do you have your morning routine all scheduled out? Include your remote start into the mix! With the FordPass app, you’ll be able to schedule the starts of your vehicle making your day run that much smoother - and not to mention you’ll have a nice cool cab on those hot summer days, or a nice warm cabin to hot into when the cold is settling in. And make sure you’ve got all the fluids filled up! You’ll be able to check these while your browsing through the store, or anywhere!

Do you have trouble keeping track of your service appointments? Not anymore! The FordPass app allows you to browse your service history, as well as get reminders for upcoming appointments, and even monitor the health of your vehicle! And when you get to your appointment, you can even pay through the app with FordPay! Ford has made your phone into your own personal auto mechanic reminding you to prioritize the health of your vehicle and ensure a safe drive.

To learn more about the FordPass app, Stop by Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro, NC and let one of our expert sales staff walk you through it!

Source: Ford