New All-Electric Mustang-Inspired SUV

If you live in Wilson, Benson, and Greenville, here’s the good news you had been waiting for. The new all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV you have been looking for is here with us. This 2021 Mustang-Inspired all-electric SUV has loads of irresistible features. 

2021 Mustang-inspired SUV

Welcome the new horse that just joined the Ford stable. Mustang Mach E is battery powered. It packs not just space, power, and style but loads of technology to log on miles of the long drive. For access to this 2021 Mustang-Inspired technological marvel, you don’t have to rob a bank because the makers did not lose sight of affordability.

SUV of the Future

A lot of planning went before the company decided to explore its most iconic products because they were looking for a hero. When they zeroed in on something Mustang-inspired, everyone lit up. There has been no looking back from there. The smartest engineers got down to create all-electric vehicle architecture. The Mach E does justice to the 2021 Mustang inspiration. It was the result of the innovation-driven hard work of the designer and engineer team that created an emotionally stylish product that is already being validated as the SUV of the future.

Other than its retro-inspired styling, one may not even note that traditional door handles are missing in Mach-E and replaced with electrically operated push buttons to expose the handles. This improves the aerodynamics of this 2021 Mustang-inspired car and gives it a futuristic appearance.

Mach E’s front trunk at just a little less than 5 cubic feet can hold at least one roller luggage of the appropriate size. A drain pipe at the bottom means even messy stuff can be dumped inside, and the leaking fluid can be hosed out. The five-door Mustang’s rear cargo space can pack 29 cubic feet of luggage. The cargo hold can be extended to a little less than 60 cubic feet.

There are tons of other innovative technical features that must be seen to believe. If you would like to know more about the features of the New All-Electric Mustang-inspired SUV or if you would like to test drive the vehicle, head over to our Deacon Jones Ford dealership in Goldsboro, NC, a short drive from Wilson, Benson, and Greenville, the cities we serve.

Source: Ford