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Ford Roadside Assistance

Ford Roadside Assistance | Deacon Jones Ford

Life can throw nasty curveballs - particularly when the time is least optimal. However, this is no reason to fear. Ford wants to provide their customers with top-notch customer care, no matter where you are - so take advantage of Ford’s Roadside Assistance! Call them at 1-800-241-3673, and they will be on their way in a hurry. When you call, simply give them your location, vehicle make, model, and color, license plate number, and your vehicle’s VIN number. So, what are some of the services you can utilize Ford’s Roadside Assistance service for?

Ford’s Roadside Assistance will be happy to pull your disabled vehicle back onto the road, should you need that service up to 100 feet from a paved or county maintained road. They also will tow your vehicle, should you need such a service, to the nearest qualified Ford dealership. They will tow your car to a Ford dealership within 35 miles of your disablement, and should the Ford dealership surpass 35 miles, the vehicle owner will be responsible for any mileage beyond the initial 35. Ford’s Roadside Assistance will even bring you gas if you happen to run out - it does, indeed, happen to even the best of us. They will bring you 2 gallons of gasoline, or 5 gallons of diesel fuel. Ford does limit this service to two times per 12-month period.

So what else does the Ford Roadside Assistance team do? They will unlock your vehicle if you become locked out of your vehicle, they will change your tire for you if you have a spare (except vehicles with a tire inflation kit), they will also give you a boost, jump-starting your battery. If they are unable to jump-start your vehicle, they will tow you to the nearest Ford dealership. For an added bonus, download the FordPass™ app, which will give you Roadside Assistance around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right at the press of a button.

The Ford Roadside Assistance service will cover you longer and further than any other industry warranties. This service will cover you up to 60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first. And forget paying for roadside assistance that will only tow your vehicle. As you have seen, this service offers much more than your typical roadside assistance. Even if you have been in an accident or hauling a trailer, the Ford Roadside Assistance service can help you. Also, if you have Ford’s service, there’s absolutely no reason to pay for it with your personal insurance company, so forget that! Finally, if the situation arises where you paid for a tow without knowing you were actually covered by Ford, they’ll reimburse you - not a problem at all! The Ford Roadside Assistance plan is the plan for you. Stop by Deacon Jones Ford Lincoln in Goldsboro, NC today and learn more about what Ford can do for you!

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