The All-New 2021 Ford Explorer is not your average three-row family crossovers. With the modifications and updates made for 2021, the Explorer is all set to be the hot new model in the market. 

2021 Ford Explorer 

Ford Explorer has six trim levels - Base, XLT, ST, Limited, Limited Hybrid, and Platinum. The first three include the standard 2.3-liter four-cylinder, while the last three have different powertrains. The standard Ford Explorer comes with a 2.3-liter turbo engine that pumps out 300 horsepower and 310...continue reading

The New 2020 Ford Edge has emerged as a strong contender in the two-row and mid-size crossover segment. With standard features and a quiet cabin, it is definitely one of the best five-seat in the SUV lineup of Ford.

2020 Ford Edge

There are four trim levels available for the 2020 Ford Edge - SE, SEL, ST, and Titanium. SE comes with all the standard features. However, SEL offers extra packages and amenities. ST is the performance trim. With Titanium, you will get luxury and value-added features. 

The Titanium, SE, and...continue reading

Have you ever been to a dealership and were confused when the salesperson asked you if you wanted an extended warranty? If yes, then you are one of the many people who dont know what an extended warranty is and how beneficial it can be.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is an option plan that helps you in paying the cost of the labor or parts your car might need under your ownership. Usually, it begins when the manufacturer's warranty has expired. This is extremely beneficial while buying a used car...continue reading

Deacon Jones is not just another car financer. We not only deliver you the vehicle of your choice but endeavor to address your queries too. Among the most frequent queries is about the car cleaning hacks. So here we go.

Use Your Make Up Brush

This is to get the dusty air vents cleaned. A big and fluffy makeup brush will do the job better. In case you have an old brush, wash all the makeup before using it.

Remove the Pet Hair

If your pet has left a hairy mess behind, use plain water, preferably in a spray bottle. Use it...continue reading

Emergency workers risk their lives for the safety of others. They do it every day and every hour. They deserve our respect and support. You may think while driving that your time is important. Think again. No job can be more important than that of an emergency worker who is rushing to save someones life. Time is more critical for them to save a life. When you notice an emergency worker at the time you are driving, move aside carefully to let them pass.

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The National Highway Traffic Administration has given...continue reading