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The 2022 Ford Maverick has the same name as a compact car that was originally launched in the 1970s. Ford revived the name for its new pickup truck. This small truck is in a segment just below the mid-size Ranger. What is new about this vehicle?

New Features of the 2022 Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is expected to hit dealerships in the Fall of 2021. Available in 3 trims, the mid-level XLT is the most popular. The base trim XL is the most affordable at $21,500.

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Ford Sync 4 is the latest software release by Ford that offers the highest level of intelligence in cars yet. The Ford Sync 4 comes packed with a powerful processor and adaptive capabilities to give you faster data processing times. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to access your apps, music, and navigation. The Ford Sync 4 comes with the latest user interface (UI) capabilities and keeps you up-to-date with the latest software through over-the-air (OTA) update technology. You can always test the latest...continue reading

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Ford has been known to be the peoples champion when it comes to performance and luxury. Finding the balance between optimum performance and comforts is hard, but Ford has perfected their formulas and their cars speak for themselves.

Always pushing the boundaries of what can be done in a car at any price point, the Ford software is not much behind than the latest tech. As technology becomes more complex, our cars also become more interconnected with our everyday experiences. Ford has decided to embrace...continue reading

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Ford has been at the forefront of innovation since day one. Since the Model T was invented, Ford has pushed the boundaries and been the peoples champion ever since. Making cars for the common person that can be used day and day out, Ford has made its mark in the history books as the people's champion.

In the 21st century, Ford has focused a lot on up-and-coming technology and wishes to give its users the best of both worlds. Whether it be performance, luxury, or tech, Ford not only leads the segment they also...continue reading

The 2021 Ford Super Duty is the latest pickup truck from Ford towing. This beast of a truck is available in gas and diesel variants. Its groundbreaking engines and top-notch towing technology will put you in control of all its power and abilities. The 2021 Ford Super Duty has a towing capacity of 21,000 pounds. It is perfect for towing trailers, construction materials, tractors, boats, and a ton of other stuff.

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