2019 Ford Mustang Performance


The Mustang, which was responsible for the pony car phenomenon back in the 60s, has still retained its features that were its trademarks such as sporty styling, an affordable performance, and lots of room for customization. The modern Mustang is better in every way than its predecessors. Its more sophisticated, and not to mention, extremely powerful. The changes brought in have transformed the riding experience to fit the 21st century.


Apart from the impressive chassis,...continue reading

2018 Ford Flex

The 2019 Ford Transit Express Van

Another year and another Ford Transit. Well, some things just stand the test of time, and the Ford Transit Express Van is one of them. After all, when you want to move cargo and people, you...continue reading

2018 Ford Flex

Meet the 2019 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus has been a Ford staple for about ten years or so. It's always been a hot seller, and there's no doubt you can expect the same this year too. The Taurus is a reliable Ford sedan that offers...continue reading

2018 Ford Flex

Explore the 2019 FOrd Edge at Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro

The 2019 Ford Edge in Goldsboro is bold, beautiful, and comes packed with updated technology. Now, you get the vehicle moving with a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder unit...continue reading

2018 Ford Flex

Discover the new Ford Expedition at Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro

The Ford Expedition is a full-size Ford SUV which was first introduced in 1997. The Ford Expedition shares certain mechanical and body components with corresponding...continue reading

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